Be challenged and surprised as Willie Cheng explores issues such as charitableness, rich/poor divide, informed giving and staff compensation in this thinking man’s guide to the non-profit world.

Doing Good Well (Chinese Edition)



Doing Good Better

In this second collection of “do good” paradigms, Willie Cheng challenges the status quo and the shifts resulting from the convergence of the social and business sectors.

Written in an easy, friendly and readable style, this book provides valuable insights for anyone who wants to know how they can succeed in doing good better in the new world order.

Doing Good Great

Meet extraordinary individuals who are making a difference against corruption, social inequalities, and a dozen more pressing social issues. Be inspired by their life journeys: how they got started, why they continue to do what they do despite the odds, and the impact they have every day on the everyman.

The World That Changes The World

Understand the very diverse, at times divisive players of the social ecosystem, and the trends driving them through the eyes of 21 international thought leaders in a compendium edited by Cheng and Mohamed.