Meet 13 extraordinary individuals who are making a difference—a big difference—to some of Asia’s most pressing social issues.

These are home-grown heroes, committed change-makers who work from the ground up. They understand how ordinary lives can be so disproportionately affected by the lay of the land, the culture, the social challenges wrought by poverty, corruption, and sometimes just poor government. They have worked hard to deal with these challenges and social ills, demonstrated courage and tenacity, and have led the good fight with innovative and impactful solutions.

Be inspired by their life journeys: how they got started, why they continue to do what they do despite the odds, and the impact they have every day on the everyman.

Doing Good Great tells more than the back-stories of these heroes. It also provides a close examination of the different social causes championed by these heroes: child prostitution, corruption, slums, landmines, toilets, urban poor, human rights, media freedom, and so much more.

The three authors of this book are, themselves, active in the social space. Quietly and unobtrusively, they enter the worlds of these heroes for a timely examination of the nature and scale of each social cause on a local and global stage.

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Ma Jun started his career as an investigative journalist on the environment desk. After years of reporting on environmental disasters and exposing pollution scandals, he realized that there had been a great deal of misinformation due to data discrepancies or cover-ups.