The World that Changes the World


“The World that Changes the World provides a unique and timely window into the global forces that shape our world – and that we can shape for the better. The multifaceted, multinational, multisectoral insights in this volume offer inspiration, ideas, and opportunity for action and impact.”

Dr. Melissa A. Berman
President & CEO, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Inc.

“The philanthrocapitalism movement—in which the winners in our capitalistic society make doing good a core part of their personal and business strategies— now needs to effectively mobilize and impact the nonprofits, social activists, capacity builders, regulators, and broader community. The World that Changes the World puts together the pieces of this puzzle by explaining how these varied actors of the social ecosystem function and interact with each other, and how philanthrocapitalism and other forces of change can bring about a better world.”

Matthew Bishop
Co-Author, Philanthrocapitalism: How giving can save the world

“The World that Changes the World is a veritable tour de force of the individuals, organizations, and leading-edge thinking that are driving this convergence across the sectors. It is a compendium of essays that span the broader sustainability spectrum; from post-CSR business approaches through to transformational change within NGOs and capital markets. It is as rich in its diversity of thinking as it is its diversity of authors . . . [It] should become the pocket guide for changemakers of the world in the same way that The Lonely Planet is for travelers of the world.”

Gib Bulloch
Founder and Executive Director,
Accenture Development Partnerships

“The World that Changes the World has put together, for the first time, a holistic and comprehensive map of and insights into the social world. It is a unique effort by 21 authors located across the globe who have managed to put their thoughts in a structure and manner that flows seamlessly from chapter to chapter. If there is an X PRIZE for collaborative thought leadership of the social ecosystem, this book would get it.”

Dr. Peter H. Diamandis
Chairman & CEO, X PRIZE Foundation

“This is a comprehensive primer representing the diversity of perspectives that comprises the evolving global social ecosystem. Its most important contribution is the wide net it has cast to draw upon Asian, Australian, British and American contributors.”

Dr. Pamela Hartigan
Director, Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, Saïd Business School, Oxford University; and Co-Founder, Volans Ventures

“This is a path-breaking book. It is the first holistic overview of the major forces such as volunteerism, philanthropy, and social enterprises which are transforming our globalised world.”

Professor Tommy Koh
Ambassador-at-large, Singapore and Chairman, SymAsia Foundation

“The World that Changes the World is, itself, a catalyst for change. It presents a landscape of the things that matter most in the nonprofit world as seen through the eyes of the changemakers themselves, who sit not on the periphery but who eat, live, and breathe change in the nonprofit world. Wherever we are in the social ecosystem, The World that Changes the World has something for us. It nudges us to learn about the other stakeholders in our space. The more we know about them, the more we know how to engage with them, learn from them, and work together with them to have a greater and greater impact over time.”

Wendy Kopp
Founder & CEO, Teach For America

“This book is timely. It captivates for its directness with information and for its well-illustrated and uncomplicated charts and maps that make it all so painless to understand the complexity of the changes that are underway. As we struggle to meet the ever-changing needs of the people that we in the social sector have dedicated our lives to helping, we also need to know what we can do, and connect better with the friends who share the same drive. This book helps us to achieve this task and to see how we are all connected with the same mission. The book helps us to reflect that we are, in the end, the greatest change there is.”

Braema Mathiaparanam
President, South East Asia and Pacific Region, International Council of Social Welfare

“What a terrific resource! This book is a priceless cache of information and inspiration for every stakeholder of the social sector. The 21 diverse and well-researched chapters, with analysis and examples written by the changemakers themselves, provide the reader with both the framework to organize their own thoughts and the stimulation to take action. The World that Changes the World is a must-read for social sector practitioners as well as private and public sector leaders who can benefit from the experiences of the social purpose organizations and the insights of their leaders.”

Usha Menon
Executive Chairman, Management Centre Asia

“What is clear is that there are tremendous opportunities to break the silos between the different actors in order to share knowledge and ideas, identify synergies, and explore new methods. Imagine my excitement when a big-picture book such as this comes along to explain and break those silos. Now, in one place, we have a valuable one-stop resource for the many players in, and observers of, the social ecosystem: for the philanthropists who would like a quick yet comprehensive understanding of the social space; for the progressive charities who are exploring innovative means of generating and using resources and capital; and for the government authorities who are trying to figure out how they may best spur the sector.”

Doug Miller
Honorary President, European Venture Philanthropy Association and Founder, Asia Venture Philanthropy Network

“The World that Changes the World is a solid primer for those interested in social change. Cheng and Mohamed bring together a selection of wise thinkers and authors to explore the challenges we face collectively in the social sector—lack of accountability, dependency, and the need for innovation. You will be challenged to turn your ideas into action, which is what the world needs most today.”

Jacqueline Novogratz
CEO, Acumen Fund and Author, The Blue Sweater

“The good news is that today, there are passionate groups of people everywhere looking for and working on solutions to these issues. The bad news is that the social sector is messy and fragmented. In fact, some parts of the social sector are messier than toilets.

It’s great to know that there is now a book that makes sense of all the crap that moves around in this sector. The World that Changes the World has created a framework by which all the disparate, fragmented pieces of the social sector are made understandable and coherent. It gives us more credit than we may deserve, but, nevertheless, the book reinforces the hope and spirit that drives many of us.”

Jack Sim
Founder, World Toilet Organization

“Congratulations! The contributors have captured the dynamic environment in which third sector organizations are now operating—that space between the market, government, and communities. The World that Changes the World is thought leadership at its best—envisioning the future through reflection and analysis of past trends and contemporary challenges . . . a volume to be dipped into at each reader’s entry point to the sector.”

Senator the Hon. Ursula Stephens
Australian Parliamentary Secretary for Social Inclusion and the Voluntary Sector