The World that Changes the World

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Siva Sivakumar, “Book Review: The World That Changes the World”, Alliance Magazine, Mar 2011
This book is for you if you are even remotely interested in seeing a more equitable world … Once you read this opening chapter and visualize the ecosystem framework, all the disparate pieces in the table of contents appear to be part of the same puzzle! All the chapters are insightful in themselves. Read More

Dr KK Tse, “The World That Changes The World”, Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum, 14 Jan 2011
This new book is a must-read for 2011. Read More

George Wilks, “Books: The really big dictionary”, The Good Paper, Jan 2011
This anthology of essays by high profile and experienced players in the social space is structured around Willie Cheng’s map of the social ecosystem, introduced in Chapter 0. This is a big picture book that spends lots of time defining terminology and sharing examples, with chapters devoted to issues and trends in the respective areas. Read More

Chung Ah-young, “Books: The World That Changes The World”, The Korea Times, 8 Oct 2010
The authors examine new ways, practices and possibilities of the social ecosystem that is seeking to change by some neo-philanthropists and social entrepreneurs and other innovators. Read More

Philo Alto, “A comprehensive yet highly readable primer on transforming the social ecosystem”, Amazon Book Review, 1 Dec 2011
It is not a “how-to” book in navigating the social space; rather, it provides a framework for progressive players trying to create collective leverage in enabling social change, not just being effective or efficient in their individual social objectives. Read More


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Dazzle Foo, “The social ecosystem”, The Good Paper, April 2011
The recently published book … has been hailed by reviewers as “a comprehensive primer … for the evolving global social ecosystem.” Read More