Cheng brings fresh ideas and perspectives to our nonprofit work…Cheng is able to bring us up short and then help us envision new paradigms. At the same time, Cheng’s style is low-key, conversational, and never preachy. Whether you are a nonprofit staffer, board member, donor, or social entrepreneur, you should read this book. Its chapters hit all the contemporary issues of nonprofit and philanthropic work, and explore the deeply philosophical question of how to do good in a fractious and yet strangely interlinked world, where human desperation and need are as intense as ever. Read More

Joanne Fritz,

Those who are unprepared for Cheng’s characteristic boldness will find some of the book’s suggestions controversial, if not downright preposterous… As a penultimate treat to his readers, Cheng insightfully illustrates the various paradigms presented in earlier chapters of the books with a case study on the NKF saga…  The book comes full circle, concluding with the scenario of a charity ecosystem, the result of which is doing good better…  Doing Good Well should be considered an indispensable resource by anyone who has an interest in the not-for-profit world. Read More



Whether one agrees with Cheng’s views or not, the book is easy to read and provides useful examples and data. It creates good take-off points for introspection and discussion for those involved in the sector. Read More

Sixdon Macasaet, Alliance Magazine


Replete with non-profit paradigms, and offering a twist to what one might view as straightforward concepts such as mission, employee reimbursement, governance and corporate social responsibility, it informs and provokes as it seeks to decode charity-specific concerns such as charitableness, bridging the rich-poor divide, informed giving and social entrepreneurship. You will definitely be challenged to look at charities in a brand new light. Read More

Singapore Accountant


That the book manages to fill a much needed gap in the nonprofit literary scene while being, at the same time, an intelligent, analytical, and thoroughly engrossing read makes it a worthy addition to the library of anyone engaged with the nonprofit world. Read More

Suzanne Lim, SALT


Cheng concludes that understanding this is one key for a charity to move from “Just Doing Good” to “Doing Good Well”. Other keys include getting governance right and understanding the role of donors. This book is highly recommended as a holiday gift for your Executive Team! Read More

Volunteer Bureau of Montreal


While its content is extensive enough to be overwhelming at first glance, it nicely balances concepts with reality, to make for an enjoyable and informative read. Read More



With good use of examples and anecdotes, he deconstructs the running of a charitable organisation both in strategic and operational terms. Also, Cheng addresses almost all aspects of the not-for-profit sector, and in a style that is accessible to all. Read More

Sumati Nagrath, Business World



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