Doing Good Well
What does (and does not) make sense in the nonprofit world

Chapter 11: Elite Giving

Elite or e-LITE Giving?

You would think that society’s elites have both the greater capacity and the greater reasons to give to charity than those less well-off. Yet, many studies show the opposite. They may donate more in absolute terms than those with lower income, but their donations are less in proportion to their income. Their reasons for not donating more are similar to those in the lower income bracket (“I cannot afford to”); obviously, these reasons are not quite credible when they come from the elite rich.

Meanwhile, there are many other elites who personify exemplary giving. Their fellow elites should follow their lead, and preferably give from their strengths. They should not wait to be invited. Giving back to society is not a retirement affair. The time for the elites to contribute is now, not the proverbial later.