Doing Good Better
Choices and Paradigms in the Social Ecosystem

Table of Contents


By Professor Tommy Koh

The Social Ecosystem

  • Understanding the ecosystem of change
  • Transitions in the Singapore social ecosystem
  • Social change in the new normal


  • The colour of money
  • The rights and wrongs of naming institutions
  • The power of disclosure
  • Dissecting medical dilemmas
  • Scaling up for extinction
  • Ownself check ownself
  • How relevant are term limits?
  • Guarding the changing of the guard
  • Pay “market” salaries
  • Responding to anonymous whistleblowers


  • When market values rule society
  • Where markets don’t work
  • Pushing back on privilege
  • Shaping national values
  • Embracing the dignity of work and workers
  • Can gambling be responsible?
  • Volunteering matters
  • When churches are charities
  • Please be fair, raise our taxes
  • Towards a new tax morality
  • The unfairness of fairness


  • Taming the corporate beast
  • The resurgence of ethics in corporations
  • Corporate Social Responsibility 2.0
  • Towards a new capitalism
  • Reconstructing company law

Business Hybrids

  • What makes a social enterprise?
  • Mixing business and charity
  • The hype and hope of impact investing
  • Whither the social stock exchange?