Doing Good Great
Thirteen Asian Heroes and Their Causes

Reviews & News

Cheong Suk-Wai, “Heroes with ‘gritty’ stories”, The Straits Times, 27 Dec 2015
This book is an excellent snapshot of 12 Asian countries and their circumstances and challenges. The authors provide good and succinct background information on each country and also gave context to the social causes championed by each hero. There are diagrams… All of which makes Doing Good Great a go-to primer on the state of Asian society today. Read More

Camille Neale, “Reflections on Doing Good Great”, AWARE Singapore, 24 Nov 2015
“The people working to address social issues are not always as well-documented as the issues themselves…it is important to bring an awareness of them into the mainstream media. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by societal injustice, but these stories show that even when you can’t count on your government to protect your rights, individuals working in social justice can make positive change.” Read More

“Ken Hickson’s Top Twenty Titles for 2015”, FifthAvenue.Asia, 18 Jan 2016
Doing Good Great is among the top 20 titles of 2015 picked by Ken Hickson, the managing editor of three international online magazines. Read More

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