The term, “doing good” is often associated with the social sector, in particular charities. Its overall mission is undoubtedly to change society for the better. However, the effectiveness of the social sector and its players to do so have often been questioned both within and outside the sector.

The series of books highlighted here is from three authors (Willie Cheng, Sharifah Mohamed and Cheryl Tang) who re-examine the status quo and put forth ideas, actions and examples of how the social sector can “Do Good Well” if not “Do Good Great”.

Doing Good Well is about the paradigms that makes the social sector work – or don’t. It sets the stage for interesting introspection on how the sector can move from “Just Doing Good” to “Doing Good Well.”

The World That Changes The World takes a step back to understand the interdependent players of the social ecosystem and how the forces of change are impacting this ecosystem of change.

Doing Good Great highlights thirteen social entrepreneurs who are making a big difference to Asia’s most pressing social issues. The book not only tells the backstories of these heroes but also provides a close examination of a dozen diverse social causes and where they stand on the world stage.

In addition, two of the authors contributed a chapter, “Doing Good in Singapore” to the anthology, 50 Years of Social Issues in Singapore, to provide an understanding of how the social ecosystem has functioned in Singapore and the trends impacting it going forward.