The World that Changes the World


The following publications and websites provide references for readers. Most of them are cited in the book but some are additional references suggested by the various authors as supplementary reading to think about various parts of the social ecosystem. Hotlinks are provided for easy access where possible.

Chapter References

Chapter 1

The Social Ecosystem: Transitions within the Ecosystem of Change

  • Joe Saxton, Michele Madden, Chris Greenwood, and Brian Garvey, The 21st Century Volunteer (London: nfpSynergy, September 2007). XX

Chapter 2
Unmet Social Needs: Scanning the world’s social issues

Chapter 3
Charity Definition: Different kinds of kindness

Chapter 4
Charities: No Charity for Charities

Chapter 5
Social Enterprises: Fulfilling the Promise of Social Enterprise

Chapter 6
Social Entrepreneurship: Of Pattern Changers and Changemakers

Chapter 7
Capacity Builders: Making Value Visible

  • Paul Connelly and Peter York Building the Capacity of Capacity builders: A study of management support and field-building organizations in the nonprofit sector (The Conservation Company, David and Lucile Packard Foundation, The Alliance for Nonprofit Management, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, June 2003).

Chapter 8
Philanthropy: Powering Philanthropic Passions

  • “Chinese Philanthropy in Asia: Between Continuity and Change,” Special Issue of Journal of Asian Business, ed. Thomas Menkhoff and Hoon Chang Yau (2010)

Chapter 9
Venture Philanthropy: Venturing into Entrepreneurial Philanthropy

Chapter 10
Donor Management: Closing the Funding Gap

  • Donor Bill of Rights (Association of Fundraising Professionals, the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education, The Giving Institute: Leading Consultants to Non-Profits, 1993). ++

Chapter 11
Volunteerism: Matching the Supply and Demand of Volunteers

  • Joe Saxton, Michele Madden, Chris Greenwood, and Brian Garvey, The 21st Century Volunteer (London: nfpSynergy, September 2007). ++
  • The State of Giving (Singapore: National Volunteer & Philanthropy Center, 2005). XX

Chapter 12
Corporate Social Responsibility: Towards Moral Capitalism

Chapter 13
Media: Amplifying the Social Beat

Chapter 14
Government: Affirmative Government for Social Good

Chapter 15
Regulator: Love, Law, and the Regulator

Chapter 16
Culture & Leadership: Transformative Leaders Wanted

Chapter 17
Technology: Rebooting Technology for Society

Chapter 18
Social Finance: Financing Change, Changing Finance  

Chapter 19
Global Civil Society: Rallying for Real Change

  • Michael Edwards, Civil Society (Cambridge: Polity Press, 2004).

Chapter 20
Social Innovation: Stepping On the Accelerator of Social Change

Chapter 21
The Phoenix Economy: Agenda for a Sustainable Future

General References

Magazines, Journals and Newspapers

  • Beyond Profit
    A social enterprise magazine published by Intellicap.
  • Fast Company
    A monthly magazine on innovation, technology, and social responsibility amongst others and published by Mansueto Ventures.
  • Journal of Contemporary Asia
    A quarterly journal published by Routledge that publishes the work of Asia-based researchers, especially on critical political economy.
  • The Economist
    A weekly news publication on current and international affairs with a focus on business.