Doing Good Well
What does (and does not) make sense in the nonprofit world

“Better organisations: Endgame Extinction”

Book Review – Published In Le Centre D’Action Benevole De Montreal
Nov, 2008

In a provocative suggestion, Willie Cheng, author of a new book on not for profit management suggests “Ultimate success occurs when the nonprofit’s mission is achieved and its existence in no longer needed”.

In the book, Doing Good Well Cheng proposes how nonprofit organisations can benefit from a corporate approach to thinking and practices while keeping their compassion. In fact he suggests that a not for profit cannot succeed with a purely corporate mindset.

He further suggests that not for profits need to adapt and change to be successful in the future. Coming from the private sector, Cheng served as chair of Singapore’s National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre. He brings this experience to demolish several dearly held beliefs about not for profits and propose new ones.

Another provocative statement comes in response to the question if he would involve volunteers if it actually cost more than hiring paid staff? Yes, if engagement with the community is crucial. How many not for profits value their volunteer programs in this manner? How many truly understand the value of their volunteer programs at all?

Cheng concludes that understanding this is one key for a charity to move from “Just Doing Good” to “Doing Good Well”. other keys include getting governance right and understanding the role of donors. This book is highly recommended as a holiday gift for your Executive Team!

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