Doing Good Better
Choices and Paradigms in the Social Ecosystem

Section 1: The Social Ecosystem

Chapter 1: Mapping the social landscape

An ecosystem describes a self-sustaining community of interdependent organisms interacting with one another in their local environment. This section uses the ecosystem paradigm to provide a bird’s-eye view of the social sector and its patterns and trends. It examines the players of the social and related ecosystems, first, in a global context, then in the Singapore setting. The last chapter ponders the potential changes to the social landscape in Singapore, particularly in light of the Covid-19 and GE2020 disruptions at the start of the new decade.

Chapter 1A: Understanding the ecosystem of change
The ecosystem paradigm provides a useful framework to understand and influence the forces of change confronting the nonprofit sector.

Chapter 1B: Transitions in the Singapore social ecosystem
In recent decades, the social ecosystem in Singapore has been transformed, with a greater diversity of passionate players and increased interactions between the doing good, doing well and ruling well sectors.

Chapter 1C: Social change in the new normal
Singapore is on the cusp of a new and hopeful era of political, business and social change. How the transition pans out in the social ecosystem will depend on how the respective players cope with the disruptions facing them.