Doing Good Better
Choices and Paradigms in the Social Ecosystem

Section 5: Social-Business Hybrids

Chapter 5: The fusion of the market and social economies

One aspect of new capitalism is the growing convergence between the social and market economies. This section explores the emerging third economy, one with hybrids of the two:
– hybrid organisations (social enterprises, inclusive businesses)
– hybrid finance (programme related investments, sustainable finance, microfinance, impact funds, social stock exchanges),
­- hybrid collaborations (amongst organisations across the private, public and social sectors)

Chapter 5A: What makes a social enterprise?
Being a social enterprise has benefits, but not all social enterprises are created equal. Debate on what makes a social enterprise revolves around social impact and profit distribution.

Chapter 5B: Mixing business and charity
When charities engage in business, they should observe good corporate governance as befits a public interest entity

Chapter 5C: The hype and hope of impact investing
Whether or not impact investing grows to sky-high levels, it should reshape capitalism for the better.

Chapter 5D: Whither the social stock exchange?
Having social stock exchanges — to list companies that make money while doing good — should logically be the next stage in impact investing. However, difficulties in supply and demand have stalled the movement — which may not necessarily be a bad sign.