Book Category Nonprofit Management

Executive Compensation

Chapter 7: Executive Compensation
Should executives working in charity be paid more, to keep pace with the market? Actually, they are already paid in line with the market – the capitalistic human resource market. The significant gap between the charity and the commercial sectors’…

Reserves & Fundraising Targets

Chapter 6: Reserves & Fundraising Targets
Many charities struggle to raise funds. The few that are very successful face a different set of problems. To start, when is enough, enough in fundraising? Setting fundraising targets sounds simple enough, but it may not be practical in all…

Nonprofit Mission

Chapter 5: Nonprofit Mission
The mantra for businesses is growth, growth and more growth. The opposite should apply to nonprofits. Nonprofits are created to achieve societal change. Ultimate success occurs when the nonprofit’s mission is achieved and its existence is no longer needed. Extinction,…